Keep your private information, private.

Massachusetts voters will be asked to respond to a ballot question in November 2020 that risks placing personal data in the hands of hackers, criminals and an unlimited number of strangers. At its core, it would allow remote access to driving data systems exposing sensitive, personal data in real-time.

The Coalition for Safe and Secure Data was formed to stop the misinformation campaign being waged by lobbyists and their national political funders who are determined to undermine existing laws and protections.

Data privacy has always been important. Americans go to great lengths to keep our information from falling into the wrong hands. And with each passing year, our lives become increasingly digitalized, further emphasizing the importance of keeping personal information safe and secure. This ballot question goes in the complete opposite direction.

Privacy groups are pushing back against the Massachusetts proposal because it would allow countless third parties to access individual data for their own purposes. Insurance companies could hit drivers with higher rates or advertising companies could target them with overly personal ads. But the real risk goes far beyond higher prices or getting spammed.

Real-time, remote access to your data creates endless opportunities for criminals to target drivers at the individual level. Without clear cybersecurity and privacy measures, vehicles could be taken over remotely, tracked, unlocked or more, potentially leading to dangerous stalking situations. A similar proposal in California failed because of strong concern from domestic violence and privacy groups.

Protect your privacy; do not risk exposing your personal data.

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