Secure data is safe data.

Massachusetts voters will be asked to respond to a ballot question in November 2020 that risks placing personal data in the hands of hackers, criminals and an unlimited number of strangers. At its core, it would allow remote access to driving data systems exposing sensitive, personal data in real-time.

The Coalition for Safe and Secure Data was formed to stop the misinformation campaign being waged by lobbyists and their national political funders who are determined to undermine existing laws and protections.

Real-time, remote access to your driving data poses an imminent threat to your location and travel behavior. It is not just your local, independent repair shop that will have access to this data.

Strangers, hackers and criminals will be able to see where you go and learn personal details. They will know your daily routine and habits like where you get your coffee in the morning, what route you take to work, how fast you drive to pick your kids up and what school they go to. Knowing every detail of your routine heightens the risk of being followed, tracked, or even stalked.

This proposal has the potential to expose you and your family to serious dangers. It is gravely important to consider the unintended consequences of granting third-parties unlimited access to sensitive personal data.

Domestic violence advocates realized how dangerous this information could be in the wrong hands and they rallied to defeat a similar proposal in California. They were joined in opposition by police groups, the NAACP, chambers of commerce, and telecommunications and technology advocates, all voicing their concerns relating to privacy, safety, and cybersecurity.

Protect yourself and your family by opposing this dangerous data grab proposal.

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